Harvester's Catch

Fresh. Sustainable. Wild.

We are local commercial fishermen operating along the Washington coast that specialize in fresh and sustainable Chinook & Coho Salmon, Pacific Halibut, and Albacore Tuna. Our wild fish are all hook & line caught and handled with the utmost of care. Delivered whole or filleted, directly from the boat, our premium quality catch sets the standard and will assuredly exceed your expectations.

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From the Ocean to Your Kitchen

Delicious meals start with quality ingredients. At Harvester's Catch, we understand and appreciate this fact and make every possible effort to ensure a superior product. We believe that selling directly to our customers allows us to provide you with fish that is fresher than anything else available and more sustainable as well. With our fish, you know where your food was caught, who handled it, how it was treated, and the overall impact to the local fishery. 

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All of our fish are individually hook & line caught and handled with the utmost care. Upon landing in the vessel, each fish is immediately bled, cleaned, and packed in ice to preserve the premium quality and rich flavor. Within no time at all, these same fish are boxed and expedited to local buyers and restaurants by our team, affording a level of freshness that is sure to be savored!


The end result is an excellent product, distinctive for its taste. Because we harvest, sell, and transport each fish, we have the unique ability to accommodate a variety of establishments while still maintaining a competitive price. Contact us today to see how we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

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