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We are local commercial fishermen operating along the Washington coast that specialize in fresh and sustainable Chinook & Coho Salmon, Pacific Halibut, and Albacore Tuna. Our wild fish are all hook & line caught and handled with the utmost of care. Delivered whole or filleted, directly from the boat, our premium quality catch sets the standard and will assuredly exceed your expectations.

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Chinook Salmon- Come and get it!

There was little rest during the last two months as we prepared for the opening of the WA fishing season, but finally the time has come that we can announce that Harvester's Catch has wild Chinook Salmon available for sale!

Our first salmon of the season was landed a little over three weeks ago and I figured now was high time to post an update. Right now we're fishing out of La Push, WA, which is located towards the northern end of the Olympic Peninsula.

We're fishing near La Push, WA (red pointer on map).

Although the spring weather can be rough and unpredictable, these rich waters are full of huge, delicious salmon and we're ready to brave Mother Nature to find them! With that in mind, we're very fortunate to be expecting high returns of Chinook & Coho Salmon and so far we haven't been disappointed. 

So now that we've established the backstory, it's time to get to the fish! Below is a picture of our first box of Chinook Salmon as it's being prepared for delivery from our boat. 

Remember that all of these fish are cleaned immediately upon being caught and are kept fresh, on ice so that they're fresher-than-fresh when they reach you!

If a whole fish is a bit too much, we also have frozen fillets! Now these aren't your typical fillets that you'll find at your local grocery store- these are premium flash frozen, FDA Sushi-Grade fillets! We have them vacuum packaged in small portion sizes and also full length fillets, both of which taste fantastic on the grill. The pin bones have been removed too, so no need to hassle with pulling them out. Hey did I mention sushi?

Yes, that's a fork on the right... couldn't find my chopsticks anywhere! :-/

As you can see, we've had our hands full (literally) with fish, but things couldn't be better. The season has taken off to a great start and we're excited to see our customers enjoying the best salmon the NW has to offer! If you haven't already, now is the time to place your order because these fish are definitely not going to hang around forever!

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